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Aromatherapy is the use of fragrances or scent to affect or alter a person’s mood or behaviour. It is a holistic and complementary therapy that affects our senses, especially smell and touch, and can have a beneficial influence on our mind, body and spirit.

Whilst many believe Aromatherapy to be just a massage treatment with fragrant oils it is actually much more. Yes, Aromatherapists use massage as an important form of treatment through which oils can be introduced into the body however Aromatherapy can also be the use of oils in aromatic baths, hot and cold compresses, inhalers, lotions, creams and more.

The oils referred to in aromatherapy are “Essential Oils”. These are powerful oils, being highly concentrated, and are extracted or distilled from various forms of vegetation i.e. from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, barks, seeds or fruits of plants and trees. They have been shown to have numerous therapeutic properties that can affect both our physical and emotional being.

For example

  • Lavender has a calming effect on the nervous system thus encouraging relaxation. It also has a soothing effect on the skin and is analgesic meaning it can ease pain and discomfort i.e. from muscle tension.
  • Tea Tree is cleansing and has a gentle astringent and purifying affect on the skin and helps to clear the head.

Thus the use of aromatherapy massage can help to relax and calm, energise and stimulate, cleanse and purify, ease tension and stresses with these affects being influenced by the specific oils used.

How does it do all this well Aromatherapy massage has shown to bring benefit through:

  • Inducing a feeling of deep relaxation in both body and mind
  • Stimulating the body’s natural immune system
  • Increasing the vascular i.e. blood circulation, system and thus bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, structures and organs of the body
  • Releasing and easing muscle tension
  • Helping to increase energy levels
  • Reducing nervous tension and anxiety
  • Helping to lift the mood and reduce the feelings of depression
  • Helping to encourage removal of waste products from the body

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