Deep tissue

As the name suggests this is a technique that works deeper into the body’s muscle tissue to encourage the release of trigger points, muscle tension and adhesions thus helping to realign the fibres. It is about sinking deeper into the layers and fibres of the individual muscles using a slow, listening and respectful pressure working with the body not against it.

This technique can be really effective in rehabilitation from chronic pain conditions and where there is contracted areas such as stiff neck and shoulders, low back pain and leg tightness. In these conditions there are usually bands of painful rigid tissue in the muscles, tendons and ligaments known as adhesions. Adhesions in the tissue can block circulation causing pain, inflammation and reduced movement. The technique works by physically breaking down the adhesions allowing blood flow and hence nutrients to reach the area.

Deep tissue work is also a great tool in injury rehabilitation and where there is limited mobility, postural problems, repetitive strain injury, muscle tension or spasm and even Fibromyalgia.

Whilst great care and a listening touch is always applied when using deep tissue techniques there are likely to be times where discomfort and pain are felt by the client and often there is some stiffness after deep tissue work. This should always ease after 24 – 48 hours.

Sarah applies deep tissue work using fingers, knuckles, elbows and forearms.


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