Myofascial Release

Fascia is the soft tissue component of connective tissue that surrounds every structure in the body from whole muscle groups to individual muscles fibres, all tendons, nerves, bone, around organs down to each individual cell and forms joint capsules and ligaments. It is like a 3-Dimensional net or body stocking reaching throughout the body and holding everything in place.

For a long time fascia was believed to be just packing material around the body to fill in the gaps. However more recent studies and research have established that fascia is so much more. It is one of the most important communication systems in the body with electrical impulses being carried to every cell via this beautiful fibre optic network. Tom Myers states “there are ten sensory nerve endings in the fascia for every one sensory nerve ending in the muscles…the nervous system is listening to the fascia much more than it’s listening to the muscles”.

It is common to develop fascial restrictions due to factors such as postural imbalances, accidents, emotional trauma or repetitive strain injuries and because fascia is entirely continuous throughout the body a restriction in one part of the fascia will affect every other part.

Myo = muscle so we talk about ‘Myofascia’ being associated with the fascia that surrounds the muscle and tendon fibres.

When restrictions occur the pain we feel is often ‘referred pain’ and the origin of the pain is in a seemingly unrelated area. Clients often use words such as sharp, dull, deep, burning or heavy to describe the pain from myofascial restrictions.

Myofascial release affects the mechano receptors that are present in the fascia with the manual stimulation of these receptors helping to ease tension and tone. This in turn can help relieve pain arising from physical and emotional trauma by helping the fascia to soften, re-hydrate and thus restore elasticity and decrease compression around other structures in the body.

Sarah uses both indirect and direct myofascial techniques to help release restrictions and always works within the clients’ tissue tolerance to ensure integrity of the tissue is maintained.


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