Carpal Tunnel

Transverse Carpal LigamentCarpal tunnel is the result of an entrapment of the median nerve (that travels from your neck down your arm and into your hand) within the carpal tunnel, which is the space between the carpal bones and Flexor retinaculum (a band of thick connective tissue / fascia in the wrist). It can cause symptoms such as pain, tingling and numbness and loss of grip in the hand. Carpal tunnel affects most adults in occupations where repetitive movements for several hours occur, such as massage practitioners, office workers whom sit at keyboards, string musicians and bakers.

Massage can help this condition by releasing tension in the muscles of the forearm allowing the fibres to return to their functional length, reducing inflammation and aiding in healing. This in turn reduces the pressure on the structures passing through the carpal tunnel including the nerves that feed the hand.


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