Golfers or Tennis Elbow

Tennis and golfers elbow mainly occurs after repetitive use or over strenuous use of the muscles and tendons within the forearm that attach near the elbow. A tennis and golfers elbow injury can also occur as a result of banging or knocking your elbow.  For tennis elbow swelling and inflammation can appear near the outside of your elbow; for golfers elbow the same can appear on the inside of your elbow. Such swelling is an indication that the muscles and tendons in your forearm are strained and perhaps have tiny tears. Symptoms for this injury include pain when lifting or bending your arm or when trying to grip small objects such as pens and pencils. You may also experience pain when opening a jar or twisting a door handle. Extending your arm may also become painful with tennis and golfers elbow.

Deep tissue massage is highly effective for treating this injury as it increases the blood circulation and helps break up the scar tissue. This type of massage will also help alleviate pain, reduce muscle spasm and improve the flexibility in your arm.


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