Osteoarthritis Cartliage DestructionOsteoarthritis is more commonly known as degenerative joint disease. It is joint inflammation that is caused through wear and tear that leads to progressive damage to the joint and articular cartilage.

Many changes within the body can trigger osteoarthritis; age is one major factor as the quality of your cartilage changes, making it drier and thus more prone to injury. Repetitive use through exercise such as running or jumping with inadequate support can also create problems, as well as being overweight and putting extra stress on your joints.

Osteoarthritis primarily affects the large weight bearing joints such as your knees and hips, but can also affect well used joints as in the fingers. It makes the joints painful and stiff thus affecting normal function; they can also become inflamed at times.

Massage cannot change the degeneration but can help reduce pain through the release of tension in the muscles that surround the affected joints. It can also help maintain range of movement through the use of gentle stretching and various exercises.


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