Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis ImagePlantar Fasciitis is commonly referred to as an inflammatory condition that causes pain in the under part of your foot, mainly around the heel.  It is also degenerative as after the initial inflammatory stage chronic inflammation sets in accompanied by adhesions and fibrosing (thickening) of the fascia. The condition can occur in males and females as well as children, however, it is more common in adults as elasticity in the fascia of the foot is lost as we age. It is the most common cause of foot pain in athletes and the condition occurs due to overuse and stress on the plantar fascia often through over training, poor technique, running on hard surfaces or prolonged standing. Short and tight calf muscles can place additional stress on the plantar fascia as can weight gain.

The pain from Plantar Fasciitis can range from mild to severe and can be acutely painful after non-weight bearing i.e. getting out of bed in the morning or after periods of sitting. The pain can then recede only to return a few hours later with continued use. It is a pain that is sharp and feels bruised.

Plantar Fasciitis responds well to massage especially to the deep calf muscles to decrease tension that puts strain on the Plantar Fascia. Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy is something that Sarah would use to help this condition.


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