Spine, Normal, Herniated Disc and Spinal StenosisSpondylosis is the degeneration and narrowing of the intervertebral discs leading to the formation of osteophytes at the joint margin and arthritic changes of the facet joints. It is a term used for osteoarthritis in the spine, but not all specialists use this vocabulary. Spondylosis is used to describe an age-related change of the vertebrae, discs, joints and ligaments in the spine.

Spondylosis is identified through radiography; where it will show a thickening of the affected vertebral bodies. Symptoms occur when the nerve roots are under pressure, causing you pain, numbness, paresthesia (that is an unusual tingling, pricking, or burning sensation on the skin) and specific muscle weakness. If none of these symptoms are present, the only other sign may be a slow and progressive loss of range of motion and stiffness in the spine.

Massage can help relieve the symptoms of Spondylosis with the client being positioned in a way to reduce nerve pressure. If you have any concerns, Sarah can discuss this with you at your first consultation.



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