Clinical Canine Massage

Dog MassageClinical or Therapeutic Canine Massage and soft tissue work is a powerful non-invasive therapy that can help to reduce pain and support muscular rehabilitation. This unique strong manipulative remedial massage for dogs works by releasing tight, sore muscles, removing debilitating ‘knots’ or Trigger Points that cause referred pain and helps rehabilitate injuries by breaking down restrictive scar tissue caused by daily activities that may be responsible for your dogs discomfort.

It can help to resolve many day to day mobility issues whether they have suddenly come on or have been there for a while. Massage is also a natural form of pain relief that can support the management of orthopaedic conditions such as Arthritis, Elbow and Hip Dysplasia, Luxating patella and Spondylosis as well as help dogs suffering from anxiety and stress.

For more information on how Clinical Canine Massage can help your dog please follow the link to Sarah’s other website Your Dog’s Life.


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